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Street Smart -  A wonderful initiative where main streets of the city close down (one day in a month) for traffic and welcome children and the community to feel free and safe -  free to set up games, activities, stalls etc. and safe for them to have childhood experiences where the message is - the city cares for its youngest protagonist. It is a place where children come together from all demographics to become a community. The street becomes a playground and a canvas for children where they can own the city and leave their mark on the landscape of the city.

Street Smart with CNV
Street Smart on 29 September by Riverside School -
Street Smart - Be the change day at Law garden on
Street Smart
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Involving children at a very young age in community matters such as the the city’s problems, expansion of the cities, the expectations of the citizens from the city, and their role in the city's growth; will nurture them towards becoming empowered and responsible citizens of the future. aProCh attempts to sensitize the children toward the city and their role as emerging citizens of the future. 

aProCh provides a platform for children to be visible and heard by letting them design and create legacies; and thus leave their mark in the city!

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