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Pooja Todi, Parent - The Riverside School : "I really enjoyed doing yoga through story-telling with children at Parimal Garden for 'Parents of the Park'. To see a 'smile' and 'enthusiasm' on each child's face, with so much eagerness to learn more and more, made my Sunday".

Namrata Sheth, Nutristudio : "
It was a very beautiful experience to spend Sunday morning with kids from all backgrounds.  A lot of hard work and efforts are dedicated to make them learn something new, which makes them good human beings.  aProCh is a good initiative and represents equality and harmony amongst all.  Love from the kids gave me a sense of gratitude and smiles. Thanks for giving me this opportunity and experience"

Mr. Guruprasad Mohapatra, Municipal Commissioner, AMC, Ahmedabad. "Children are our future and if you involve them at a very young age in matters about the city’s prospects, the city’s problems, their role in the city, how is the city growing, what is the expectation of the citizens from the city – aproch is a good attempt to sensitize the children toward the city and their role as an emerging citizen of the future Ahmedabad. So I think it is a very good initiative and it will really make children involved in the city building exercise."

Dilip Mahajan -  Ex-Deputy Commissioner Ahmedabad. Currently President Corporate Affairs, Reliance

“Wonderful experience with the team. they are really very creative and bring out the best in students. Marvelous way of working with team spirit. On the whole city comes out LIVE involving the teacher and the taught. All the best."

Rita Baker, Principal, NR Primary School

"The initiative taken for organising Street Smart by Aproch is truly praiseworthy. Each event brings a new concept for the city, making our city better and better for years to come. It creates an opportunity for the children to experience exploration, creativity, curiosity and ownership of one’s city through various activities. Truly, Smart Street is a perfect platform for children to make them a better citizen of tomorrow. "

Liza Shah, Managing Trustee, Apple Global School 

"The “Ethnic Dhamaal” at Law garden on 27th November, 2011 organized by “Aproch” and “The H.B.Kapadia Group of Schools” for the ‘Street Smart Initiative’ was a very unique experience for all of us at H.B.K. “ Hum Baantein Khushiyaan” was not just the theme, it eventually became the prime activity of the day for nearly 3000 students from our school who experienced a lot of fun and excitement in spreading and sharing laughter and joy to hundreds of other kids who visited and enjoyed the amazing fun filled activities that were being conducted on the street. It was indeed a “Day Out” for a large number of kids from the city. We at H.B.K., heartily thank and congratulate Riverside School for this wonderful initiative called “Street Smart” which has made it possible for the city of Ahmedabad to celebrate and glorify the slogan “Of the Children, For the Children, By the Children”.

Renu Sheth, Principal, HBK Primary English Medium School, Memnagar.

"aProCh is a beautiful program to give an opportunity to privileged and underprivileged children to be sensitized to their city and the fact that childhood should be more than just going to school and back home."

Mrs. Brinda Ghosh, Ex- Principal, J G International School, Ahmedabad.

"What I really like about Street Smart is the inclusion of under-privileged children. Children from NGOs get an opportunity to come together with the privileged and share the same space, activities and enjoyment as a community".

B H Joshi, Registrar, GLS.

"This is the 25th Street Smart, meaning that the initiative has impacted multitude of children and adults. The initiative was set out with a very clear purpose at the outset – the purpose being that a child who lives in this city should be able to say that this is my city, the freedom that he feels in is house, he should feel the same freedom in his city. What child needs is space – because play and activity is of utmost importance to a child. Its cognition comes only from his activities and its learning is also from doing. How does a city offer this to its children? So this initiative gives a clear message to the children and its citizenry that we need to give space to children, to allow them time and opportunities and freedom to explore different activities. How a child becomes one with the culture of the city has in my view been actualized by this initiative."

Pooja Dua, Ex- Principal, Calorx Pre-primary School, Ahmedabad.

"Different children coming from different classes, different places

There is a total culmination of all classes – the privileged, the underprivileged. It is so much fun to see how children mix together – they dance, they sing, paint the street and really leaving a mark on the city’s landscape."

Rahul Raj Entertainment Manager of US Pizza 

“It is an amazing experience to entertain to all age group children from all religions across the city and my aim is to see a smiling world and bring smile to each child’s face.   

Bhavesh Kabra  owner Shrinath Travel Agency 

“Working with aProCh has been a very fantastic and satisfying experience for us. The very concept of making the city child friendly is wonderful. The team of aProCh is doing a commendable job in fulfilling its purpose. We, at Shrinath travel agency really feel happy in giving something back to the society which has given us so much.”  

Varsha Rana from (TGES) 

“The first 'STREET SMART' event, in Rajkot, initiated by ‘aProCh – a Protagonist in every Child’ and organized by TGES, took place at Race Course ring road on Children’s Day (Saturday , 14th of November 2009). We got all the guidelines to organize such an event from the documentation provided by aProCh, Ahmedabad. We received very positive response and support from all the government officials, parents, NGOs and other schools for organizing this event. The Race Course ring road, from Mayor’s Bungalow to Police Head Quarter chowk, was closed for traffic between 4:00pm and 7:00pm. The street was converted into a place for children and childhood. The children were engaged in activities ranging from painting, singing, dancing, face painting, mimicry, games, painting on the road etc. There were host of artists performing magic shows, karaoke and other art forms. Children got opportunity to display their art in various forms – thus it made children proud and visible. Around 1600 Children from all demographics came together as a community on this day. This event was highly appreciated by press and public. It was a huge learning lesson for all of us.”

Bhakti Jeet

"I always had this notion in my mind that some small contributions that we do in giving back to the society are never enough. I never understood that how would giving a treat at US pizza or taking the kids for a movie would make a big difference in their lives? How would it actually help them to be better humans of tomorrow...

But today i totally had a new vision.. A new side of the coin.. No other things in the universe can be compared to the happiness i saw in the eyes of the kids. It gave me an immense pleasure to see the children dancing happily. I learnt the importance of happiness in small things. I am glad that i did this and would love to do it over and over again. Thank you for the 'samdhi' you took me to.

Keep up the good work team approch".                                                                                        









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